Brand story Dear children
Time is a journey back and forth, good and bad are the scenery, do not blame my father too greedy, too want to accompany you through your life with every little thing, to be able to hold tight, let go, time hurry Scouring memories, when we are old as time goes by, look forward to those days to accompany you to grow, is the best memory never passed! Dad is willing to be the thief of the years will always stay with me!

KIDDY KIDDO, the first Taiwanese parent-child interactive boarding game originated from a father who wanted to tell his daughter that the founder himself had two daughters and that he, as a father, believed that in the process of growth, he should not only be educated and academically but should eventually lose Since I became a tool for implementing the concept of a parent, I wanted to give my children nothing but the longing for what I had lost.

Every parent pays great attention to the education of their children, hoping that they have toys for entertainment at home. However, most puzzle games come from Europe and the United States, with complicated English manuals and expensive prices, which cause their parents to bear a heavy burden. Therefore, KIDDY KIDDO decided Start developing games that appeal to Asians and ask for parent-child interaction, allowing busy parents to learn more about running parent-child time, children growing fast, and creating memories. Now, let Di Di Le help you stay with those parent-child sharing times .

Brand Concept
KIDDY KIDDO parent-child brand is English "adults. Children." "Big friend. Kids" means, regardless of age, nationality, gender, said the sharing between people, interaction and care, a symbol of the joy of the big friend and Children's new parent-child relationship.

They have a childlike and lively side in their hearts, and can say "I Love it" to their favorite things. Sometimes they are intellectual and sometimes emotional. They like to pursue new knowledge and fear the swarm of blind obscenities. They are ideally big Friend, is also a pure innocence of children.

We believe that no matter how old we are, this big friend and children will always be with us.

Happy Maker - translated into English joy maker, is KIDDY KIDDO faith in the product, a symbol of the happy factor of each family release, so that families scattered joy and love of love.

Family time parents can enjoy intimacy is very short time, interactive fun between children and adults will grow apart and grow apart, the quality of parent-child relationship will ultimately affect the child's life, not so much for their children a happy childhood, rather let their parents give yourself A wonderful memory!

KIDDY KIDDO from Taiwan should launch the first brand of parent-child games in Taiwan in anticipation of parents' busy life, but do not neglect to say that "joyful family" "laughter and interaction" should not be absent. Only once the opportunity to accompany children grow up, I hope this family is essential in Europe and the United States interactive interactive board games, but also popular in Taiwan, allowing parents to easily manage the parent-child time.

Brand spirit
Through the lively design, whether it is works or packaging, showing "original" and "childlike"!

The combination of creative change, abstract, regardless of the difference between the happy situation, I hope to bring you unique superior but young and middle-aged feeling, through the rules but no absolute principle of the game, Implementing the corporate philosophy of "living happy, enjoying life", bringing joy to every family that loves KIDDY KIDDO through the best service.

Company Profile
Zhaofu Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1978; the capital of the company is NT $ 100 million, after thirty years of hard work, it has developed into a diversified group of companies. Its business includes electronics, Wine business, leisure and recreation business and parent-child brand business, etc., and in Taiwan, Thailand, mainland China and the United States with sales and production positions.

Thailand Zhao Fu Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, initially in the form of trade agent Japan, the United States and Taiwan's well-known brands of electronic materials supply to the Thai market In view of the increasing market demand, in 1995 set up a factory to start the production of electronic materials and In 1998, Zhaofu Technology Co., Ltd. was established. Under the continuous training of updated equipment, improved products and personnel, it has passed the certification of UL and ISO9001 and also obtained customer's satisfaction and recognition in the service. In view of the future prospect and The goal of sustainable development began in 2007 with the transition to consumer products development. The KiddyKiddo parent-child brand was established, the Thai safety goods certification was obtained and sold in major shopping malls. In 2009, the Thai government awarded the toy gold medal.

In recent years, I have observed that the market in Taiwan is mature, with sufficient spending power. Parents also have more time to run parent-child interaction. Therefore, in 2012, Qi Di Music Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan and brought products to Taiwan. I hope this kind of family is essential in Europe and the United States Interactive board games, but also popular in Taiwan.

In the future, we will continue to uphold the customer first, quality first management conviction, and strive to import a higher level of products, provide the best quality service and look forward to working with you for a better future.