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Company Profile

Harvard Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 with 100 million NT$ in capital. After operating for three decades, it has diversified into a multi-faceted cooperation. Nowadays, the business spans over different fields, such as electronics, wine business, leisure and recreation, parent-child brands, and etc. Our brand has a global reach from Taiwan, Thailand and Mainland China and crossing over to the United States.

Thailand Harvard Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Thai Harvard Industries was set up as an international trading agent liaising between countries including but not limited to Japan, Taiwan and the US. Due to market demand, we set up a factory and started to manufacture electronic materials in 1995. Thailand Harvard Industries continued to expand and update its facilities.

In 1998, Harvard Technology Co., Ltd. was founded and quickly gained UL and ISO9001 certification. Through word of mouth, the corporation was able to develop and each area of the business was able to go through a stage of innovation.

In 2007, the group started to diversify and produce consumer products. From that point onwards the Kiddy Kiddo brand was born. Kiddy Kiddo obtained certification and accreditation by the Thai Safety Goods authority and the products were displayed at major shopping malls in Thailand. In 2009, Kiddy Kiddo was awarded the Toy Gold Medal by the Thai government.

After thorough market research, we believe that the Taiwanese consumer market has reached maturity in terms of meeting parents’ needs. Kiddy Kiddo company was therefore established in 2012 to bring a greater variety of board games to Taiwan.

In 2019, Kiddy Kiddo was merged into Harvard Taiwan.

We insist on a ‘customer-first policy.’ In future, no matter what we are faced with, we will uphold this principal by providing high quality products. We look forward to building a promising vision for the future.