Incredible Planet

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This game can have up to 6 players or can play by their own making it as a self-challenge. It defies you to go through many different obstacles and knowing the best path to find the way out. This can help you to train your mind, logic and your planning capabilities for the whole family.



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Getting Started:

Expand the game plate. After players decide the order, choose a character card to insert the base on behalf of their own.

In the starting area, remove the game card to shuffle, issued to each player 5 game cards (also in accordance with the age ability,

adults only made 4, while the young is issued to 6).

Place the remaining game cards on the back side and start the game.

Game board with the ground, lava and sharp stone barriers, four kinds of game cards have different use of the method described below:

  1. Motor accelerator: can be moved on the ground 4 grid, can not enter the lava, can not cross the sharp stone.
  2. Anti-gravity Float: Each time you move a grid, you can move on the ground and the lava area, but can not cross the sharp stone.
  3. Bounce device: can move on the ground 2 cells, can not enter the lava, but can cross the sharp stone.
  4. Flight bag: move 3 grid, you can move in the ground and lava area, you can also cross the sharp stone.