Dino Adventure

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This game is for up to 6 players to participate.
One person can teach the children the use of permutations and combinations of colors to help small dinosaurs to get out of the woods.
This can promote the intellectual development of children and can increase more family's interest.
In addition, also can have a brief introduction of the dinosaurs' lifestyle and habits.



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Game includes

1 game board
6 dinosaur figurines
1 spinner
1 game card deck


Setting Up

  1. Unfold the box to lay out the game board
  2. Take out the card deck. Shuffle all the cards and place them face down on the designated Dino Adventure card slot at the top of the board.
  3. Give each player 6 cards. If you want to make the game more challenging, give each player only 4 or 5 cards!
  4. Find the 2 spinner pieces. Place the bottom piece in the designated spinner spot on the top of the board. Then place the dial on top.
  5. Choose one dinosaur and place it behind a color next to the Go sign located on the bottom left of the board.


How to Play

  • The first player draws a card from the deck
    • Choose card(s) with the color that corresponds to a color next to your dinosaur on the      board. Move your dinosaur to that color. Place your card(s) in the discard pile.
    • Dinosaurs can only jump one spot at a time. You can only move to spots directly to the    right, left, forward or backward.
    • Every time at your turn, fill up your hand with the same number of cards you started      the game with.
    • If you don’t have any cards that you can use to move, discard one Footprint Card to        the  discard pile and end your turn.
    • Each player can continue to move spots until they run out of cards in their hand.


  • What to do when you reach the volcanic eruption and raging rapids areas?
    • Each player must spin the wheel to determine how many spaces they can move.
    • Once you determine how many spaces you can move, you can place a card down and      move to that space.
    • If you spin “Stay in Place,” then stay in the same spot and wait for your next turn.
    • Start each turn by spinning the wheel once to see how many spaces you can move          until  you exit the volcanic eruption and raging rapids areas.


  • What if someone is already in a spot?
    • Two players can't occupy the same spot.
    • If another player is in a spot you want to move to, you can either move to a different      spot or end your turn.