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This game is for 2 to 4 players. The ultimate goal is to help the animals have a mating season (same species meet in the same game grid), while preventing others to pair successfully.
The players can intrigue themselves to make them think more during the process and in the process can train and develop good capabilities to help the animals.



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Game Accessories:

1 Game Board     85 Game Cards     12 Pair Lovely Animals


Getting Started:        

Expand the square game plate, and place the animal chess head inward toward the corresponding position on the game plate,

and decide the number of matches required to complete the game. Because the number of entries and personal skills are different,

recommended players in general to 3 pair is better for the game and players will be free to agree on the Match quantity.

Players can decide their own order (once the decision can not be exchange order in the game),

and then take out the card and be shuffled after licensing to each player 3 cards, and place the remaining cards aside and start the game.