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This game is a simulation of a flight attendant on the actual service on the aircraft for up to 6 players or can play by their own making it as a self-challenge. According to players it can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty with the goal to meet passenger's demands. This game is to test each player's memory and service many passengers facing different demands the player must have a good memory in order to deal effectively with the needs of each passenger. In addition this allows each player to experience how flight attendants work when outside and is the best way to train memory capabilities for all members of the family.



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Getting Started:

Expand the rectangular plane game board, and then remove the attached card and sorting stacked on the side of the spare.

The difficulty of the game (the number of passengers) according to the number of games and the player's memory skills by the players to decide, and then decide the conditions required for victory.

The first is the cumulative number of law, the proposed 4 to 5 is appropriate. Otherwise it takes too long.

Advanced players can be agreed by their own players to be accumulated to a specified number of people win.

The second method is the cumulative limit, set by the players themselves play time. Such as 20 minutes or half hour.

When the set time runs out of the game will end. At this time most number of honor medals win the game.

If there is a tie situation, by the players of the tie to play the game, the first to win the honor medal are win.

  1. Each player picks up a flight attendant who represents himself and places it on the work compartment.
  2. In accordance with the player's memory skills to decide to every player in the number of the Medal of Honor, usually 1 to 2 , advanced players can not.
  3. Place the passenger demand card (passenger image up) randomly on the 66 seats of the game panel, and leave the remaining cards aside.
  4. The player can decide the order of departure, or the size of the turntable to determine the starting order.