Shaolin's 18 bronze matrix

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Product Number:0013

This game can have up to 6 players. You can practice by yourself the use of martial arts moves and combinations going through a labyrinth and help some strange spectra to get to the Bronze matrix, providing the player more willing to think throughout the process.



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Getting Started:

Expand the game plate, remove the copper array card and insert the plastic fixture internal fixation.

Players decide their own order, Select a doll on behalf of themselves and placed in the board departure area.

The player must enter the copper array from both sides of the entrance,

one from the left entrance and counterclockwise forward, the other from the right entrance and in a clockwise direction.

The left side of the entrance player is responsible for placing the right side of the copper card,

the right side of the entrance player is responsible for placing the left side of the copper card. More than 3 players and so on.

L type double copper people array card placement to small dots on the grid,

the font three copper people array card placement to the great circle on the grid points.

Opening direction is to prevent players forward as a principle, but it can also be placed at random.

And then remove the card to shuffle, issued to each player 5 game cards.

Place the remaining game cards on the back side and start the game.

* Adults and children with games, in accordance with the capacity can be closer to the exports from any point of view.