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Brand story

My beloved children Life is a journey and time is something that you can never get back. Situations, both good and bad, simply pass by. Don't blame your father for wanting to give you every opportunity. I just want to accompany you and share in every little thing happening in your life. My wish is for you to hold on tightly to whatever you can and to not let go so easily. Dad is aging every single moment. My wish is for our memories to never be washed away by time. I also wish I could be a time thief to steal back our memories. KIDDY KIDDO is the first Taiwanese parent-child interactive board games company. The main reason why this company was founded is because of the words of that one father, the founder of this company, wanted to tell his daughters. As a father, he believes that when growing up, children should not only be educated in manners and knowledge but also need parental companionship. Accordingly, this father just wanted to give what he never experienced in his childhood to his daughters and to make his daughters memories complete. We can see that every parent endeavours to offer their children the best education. They may also hope at the same time to entertain their children in an educational way at home. Unfortunately, the majority of strategy and board games are imported from Europe or the US. Instructions in foreign languages and price deals quite often make games inaccessible for parents. Therefore Kiddy Kiddo, decided to develop products suitable for Asian children to meet Asian parents’ needs. Children grow up so quickly. Let Kiddy Kiddo capture every memorable moment for you and your children.

Brand Concept

The ethos of Kiddy Kiddo is being a ‘Happy Maker’. This ethos symbolises happy elements extended to all families. In Kiddy Kiddo, we do not make any distinction between age, gender or nationality. We try our best to connect people across different groups to build harmonious relationships amongst people. Children always appear to have a naïve nature. They are sometimes sensible and sometimes sentimental. They fail to resist whatever they are fond of. The relationship between parents and children can influence a child’s entire life. Besides giving children happy memories in childhood, parents are supposed to leave some joyful and lingering memories for themselves as well. Times that the whole family can get together or share can seem quite short. As children grow up, the child-parent relationship may weaken to a certain extent and both parties may gradually become alienated. Again, as aforementioned, children need more than just being educated in manners and knowledge. A happy family with interactive games should not be absent during their development. As the first parent-child game brand in Taiwan, Kiddy Kiddo is looking forward to creating joyful memories for you and your children.

Brand spirit

No matter which of our products you see, we want you see the nature of the colourful design, authenticity and wholesomeness. We hope our unrestrained creativity can bring extraordinary joy to people of all ages. By implementing our philosophy of "Live and enjoy your happy life” and by offering the best service, KIDDY KIDDO is looking forward to bringing countless surprises to all families.